“Report Reconciles Atmospheric Temperature Trends”

Yes, the CCSP report is now out (thanks het for the link), and it looks like the story has a happy ending after all: there is no longer a discrepancy in the rate of global average temperature increase for the surface compared with higher levels in the atmosphere. This discrepancy had previously been used to challenge the validity of climate models used to detect and attribute the causes of observed climate change. This is an important revision to and update of the conclusions of earlier reports from the U.S. National Research Council and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
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The £4 trousers

I needed a new pair of trousers (shorts, actually) at short notice. My wife bought me a pair at Tesco’s (sort of like Wal-Mart, if you’re not from the UK). Looked very nice, cost £4. At that price, I joked, its cheaper to throw them away rather than wash them.

And indeed it might be best. After 1 (2?) washes, the seams are coming apart. So I get to spend far more than £4’s worth of my time sewing them up again…

Is this the price of globalisation? Or just one bad pair of trousers?

Model projections of the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation for the 21st century assessed by observations

This is about “Model projections of the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation for the 21st century assessed by observations” by A. Schmittner, M. Latif, and B. Schneider (here if you have a GRL subscription). Its interesting for two reasons: another data point on the “will the THC shutdown” (no); and because of the way it weights multiple AR4 models.
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Yet another pointless pile of septics

An alert antipodean reader points out… http://www.climatescience.org.nz/ (no, I’m not going to link them, why inc their hit count. In fact they are so pointless I won’t bother demolishing their junk, but I will poke fun at them for a bit). They make the traditional septic claims of being experts in climate and disciplines related to climate change (the latter usually means “geologists”) and their first up is… Vincent Gray, whose chief claim to fame is… being an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yes, its the same thing as ever: IPCC is the gold standard and if you’ve got nothing else you can try to cling to their coat-tails. Its worth pointing out, though, that “Expert Reviewer” is a near-meaningless status: it certainly doesn’t imply that they’ve asked you to review their stuff.

Another one is Chris de Freitas (of the Baliunas+Soon / von S resignation fame).

River trip

If JA can blog about Azaleas, I don’t see why I shouldn’t mention narrowboating. So we chugged up the Cam (/Ouse) to Ely to visit the cathedral again, it repays multiple visits. Happily the choir were practicing, and then they had a choral service, with unbelievers like us allowed to listen.

And the next day down Reach Lode to Reach May Fair (its been going since the 1200’s, folks, though I doubt they had climbing walls and walls of death there then). Reach Lode, as the pic shows, gets very very thin towards the end (worryingly so, if like us you’ve never been there before) but there is a turning pool at the end. Note the bicycle carried on the boat ahead.

And then back to Cambridge, through clouds of 8’s practising for the May bumps whenever they are.

And to insert some weather/climate, it was unseasonably cold, as it has been for a while; but sunny on the Sunday.