Return of the undead: Newsweek 1975

Just a quick pointer towards an article in Newsweek (which now appears under MSN? Odd…) Remember Global Cooling? quoting yours truly. The article isn’t entirely satisfactory, in that it doesn’t really point out the errors Newsweek made then – indeed, it rather suggests that it didn’t make errors.

4 thoughts on “Return of the undead: Newsweek 1975”

  1. I think a good exercise for someone (a la the “google climate change” for consensus) would be to come up with a canonical list of the 70’s “global cooling” articles in the scientific media of the time. This could possibly make a good rebuttal. I can’t think of any Nature or Science cover stories on this; although at the time I was more prone to read “Mad Magazine.”

    [Not sure about cover stories, but Scneider and Rasool made it into Science -W]


  2. so is there some way to rebuttal all the hype by saying that the overpublicised global cooling hype of the past only having 1 peer-reviewed article on Science, 0 for Nature, ? for SciAm, etc; up against AGW which has 100 Science, 200 SciAm, 50 Nature etc? I imagine that predictably the Inhofe’s & “climateauditors” will screech that these pubs don’t count as they’re “part of the network.” Probably only if we’re in the “Petroleum Industry Quarterly” is it bona-fide in their view! πŸ˜‰


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