THC, again

Its a week for re-runs, now the <a href=",,1932760,00.html"Grauniad gives us Sea change: why global warming could leave Britain feeling the cold / No new ice age yet, but Gulf Stream is weakening / Atlantic current came to halt for 10 days in 2004.

Most alarmingly, the data reveal that a part of the current, which is usually 60 times more powerful than the Amazon river, came to a temporary halt during November 2004… Researchers are not sure yet what to make of the 10-day hiatus. “We’d never seen anything like that before and we don’t understand it. We didn’t know it could happen,” said Harry Bryden, at the National Oceanography Centre, in Southampton, who presented the findings to a conference in Birmingham on rapid climate change.

I don’t understand this – either how the current could shut down for only 10 days, or exactly what monitoring we have in place that would see it if it did. But this is in the context of the NERC RAPID conference… I don’t see this “shutdown” in there.

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