Tudor Cambridge

Daniels half-term homework included seeing a Tudor building, which we only discovered rather late… Sunday in fact. But since it was a lovely day, perhaps the last of a rather extended summer (so I sneaked down to the end of the garden before lunch to remove the Bayvarol strips from the hives, it being probably the last day in the year when I could), it was an excuse to go see “Tudor Cambridge” or at least a bit of it.

The web provided us with this and a nice walking tour, though we didn’t manage to do it all. In fact all we managed was Kings, Queens’, and the Agora at the Copper Kettle afterwards. ‘E, I remember it when it were but a tea shoppe.

Kings chapel is better than I remembered… a bit grandiose, but they don’t let you photo inside so you’ll just have to imagine it. Lots and lots and lots of Tudor roses, just in case you were in any doubt about who built it. The outside is… very photographable. But repetitious (as is the inside).

Queens’ (note the apostrophe…) I’ve never been to before (11 years in Cambrdige and never…). Its wonderful, and rather less bombastic. The half-timbered building is lovely if a bit wonky, and probably runs James’s french windows a good second for letting in the winter cold. But what blew us all away was the quality of the grass (I mean the stuff you walk on, or rather don’t).

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