Brief Holiday

We had a brief holiday on the Norfolk coast this weekend; and were lucky to have two days of near-perfect weather. Or at least blue skies – it was still pretty cold and somewhat blowy. Here you see our shadows marching off into the distance.

Castle Rising was good, too. The first time I’ve ever been there. Its a very odd Castle – it was a genuine one, not just for show, and yet its elaborately decorated on the outside. The photo of M in the arched passageway is interesting: the passageway was cut through the thick wall because the floor of the main hall had collapsed and they had no other way to get to the far end. Other than rebuild the floor, of course, but that doesn’t seem to have occurred to them.

Apologies to those whose comments got queued in the meantime. Regular service is now resumed.

10 thoughts on “Brief Holiday”

  1. That really is a wonderful part of the world, especially at this time of year. A couple of years ago, we stayed in Houghton West Lodge (a Landmark Trust cottage) and made use of the coastline bus service there. We walked from Wells to Burnham along the coast (watching a weather system just miss us to the East), then inland to Burnham Market. The weekend before Christmas, it was a the perfect time.


  2. Castle Rising- very nice, I need to go there some time. It is an early 12th century castle, hence the norman arched blind arch decoration. Different kinds of castles in later periods had different decoration, or lack of.

    [Having driven past the turn off for years, and then finally gone there, I’d definitely recommend it. Not free, mind you, unless you have an English Heritage pass. Why are museums now free but castles cost? -W]


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