Great wikipedia edit comments

Coming back from the pub, I find the edit comment Someone added a bunch of none sence. First of all, it’s not a giant beaver the creates the wind. Second, it’s impossible that the people you mentioned knew about beavers. If that makes no sense (and should it?) this is the edit in question.

Kind of puts RP’s problems in perspective 🙂 Although its a possible new avenue for tornado research!

More thought provoking is The Coriolis force does not affect insects or ships since its clearly false; but in the case of insects its negligible. And for supertankers? I’m not sure.

6 thoughts on “Great wikipedia edit comments”

  1. I would add to Bryan’s comment that the entire first paragraph seems a bit off:

    “The uneven-heating of the Earth causes the wind to blow. When hot air rises and the cooler air takes its place, the result is wind. Then, when the wind reaches the troposhere, a part of the Earth’s atmosphere, the wind orbits the Earth just like the Earth orbits the sun.”

    Actually I kind of like the whole beaver thing. As myths go, it seems more or less harmless.

    Plus it’s inspired me to ask this: When was the first fart in recorded history? Just think, without the blogosphere I probably would have lived out my days without pondering that.


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