IPCC facts

There is a new website called IPCCfacts. Presumably this is a reflection of the fact that the general public can’t cope with reading the SPM, much less the full report when it emerges. The “facts” section is a bit thin – lets hope there are more than this to come. Resources, of course, under “Global Warming and Climate Science Experts” references RealClimate. But “myths” looked interesting, and oh yes, they can’t resist delving into hurricanes with #2; Myth: The report shows that the overall number of hurricanes is expected to decline, undercutting the argument that global warming produces extreme weather events. But then they are dumb enough to source this to a Pielke blog post when he clearly does no such thing, but to the contrary says Kudos to the scientists involved. Despite the pressures, on tropical cyclones they figured out a way to maintain consistency with the actual balance of opinion(s) in the community of relevant experts.

Unsurprisingly, RP jumps on this and it will be fun to see if IPCCfacts (a) corrects themselves (b) blusters it out, or (c) doesn’t respond. I’m hoping for (a), of course, but guessing (c).

[Update: they have silently done (a) and removed their myth. You’ll find the original at RPs site -W]

9 thoughts on “IPCC facts”

  1. Well, there’s trolling, and there’s flycasting.

    Trolling the bait where it tempts the fish is, obviously, great fun for those who enjoy that sort of thing. But the troll has to get right in the water with the fish.

    This looks more like flycasting — carefully, at a distance, placing a handcrafted bait, enticing a fish to leave its home hole, come some distance to investigate, and strike.


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