Stoats and Weasels

Following JFs example, I’ve created a rather more useful comparison: see i-b1850cbdafb723c0cb0e49c5753fd157-google-trends-stoat-weasel.png. Proof that weasels are more popular than stoats. Isn’t technology wonderful?

7 thoughts on “Stoats and Weasels”

  1. It’s understandable really: somehow “let’s pin a tail on it and call it a stoat” doesn’t sound the same.


  2. Yeah… that’s because ‘stoat’ is a peculiar British-ism. We don’t have stoats in North America: we have weasels, no matter what their taxonomic status. (I didn’t even learn the meaning of ‘stoat’ until I was in my teens.)

    Maybe while you’re at it, you can calculate the relative citation frequency of people named ‘Randy’ in the UK and N.Am.!


  3. I’ve deliberately skewed my query, Lubos, and I won’t give you the data to audit, because I have an agenda to present Dano in a hockey-stick shape and to show the permafrost isn’t melting despite your popularity.




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