We’re all going to die

Well of course we are – everyone does. But are we all going to die of global warming? Lovelock thinks so, and so does a member of Royalty: we are “all going to die like the dinosaurs and another species was going to take over”: to find out who said this, check the comments at Diplomatic incident.

7 thoughts on “We’re all going to die”

  1. Ugh, I do wish people would stay away from the cheap hyperbole. It cheapens the problem and makes it that much easier for “skeptics” to mock. Or anyone to mock, for that matter. I sympathise muchly with jules, though.


  2. Lubos, my dear, you really need to learn to distinguish between “humanity is going to go extinct” and “continued drought in Africa is going to trigger more wars over resources”. There is a difference apparent there to any thinking person.


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