VNC: argh

I’m using VNC to view unix through windows and very nice it is. One irritating feature was lack of cut-n-paste between the VNC window and the outside world, but I could live with that. Then I wanted to run a different window manager, so ended up reading the documentation (:-) and discovered, in the “vncconfig” section, that this only works if you have a vncconfig running. Is this a weird way to get cut-n-paste working or what?


4 thoughts on “VNC: argh”

  1. Out of curiosity, is there any good reason you are using VNC in the first place? Running an X server + putty seems to have fulfilled all of my needs. I suppose the one thing you could be doing which would be difficult is running an X11 app for a while and wanting to log in from different locations, is that the case?

    [Yes. That and wanting the sesion to survive from day to day -W]


  2. For specifically connecting to “Windows” machines,rdesktop seems to be better, assuming the “Windows” machine is configured to allow it. I seem to recall that the clipboard worked fine with it, at least under KDE (presumably Gnome or any other windowing system as well).
    I’ve been meaning to try out NoMachine’s NX for a while now – supposedly it handles X11, VNC, AND “Remote Desktop” quite well.


  3. Oops, just re-read that – I guess you’re going the opposite direction from what I thought. However, NX works in THAT direction, too.
    The other option from Windows to *nix would be Cygwin. Install X11 and ssh under that, and tunnel in. I’ve done that before and it does work (though I’m not certain how that performance compares with VNC).


  4. Why not just give up the struggle and use a mac?

    [BAS hates macs. Anyway, if I was giving up the struggle I’d just move my perfectly serviceable 10-y-old xterm across – W]


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