VNC: argh

I’m using VNC to view unix through windows and very nice it is. One irritating feature was lack of cut-n-paste between the VNC window and the outside world, but I could live with that. Then I wanted to run a different window manager, so ended up reading the documentation (:-) and discovered, in the “vncconfig” section, that this only works if you have a vncconfig running. Is this a weird way to get cut-n-paste working or what?


What do we learn from Glaciers in the Highest Altitudes In The Alps?

You couldn’t get a more perfect example of desperation than:

At the recent International Symposium on “Landform – structure, evolution, process control”, University of Bonn, Germany, June 7-10, 2007, that I attended, there was evidence presented of the retreat of all of the glaciers in the Alps. However, thanks to CCNet and Benny Peiser for alerting me to a paper which provides evidence that one glacial area in these mountains is not retreating. [1] [2]
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No solar hiding place for greenhouse sceptics?

Very little other than the bleedin’ obvious I fear. Inel laments her lack of access; but has read it and provides a copy of the Nature comment, but not the Proc Royal Soc original. Not having read the original, I’m not sure what was in it worthy of publication; the lack of a trend in solar is known already. But the septics are rather like Monty Pythons Balck Knight: no matter how many limbs you chop off they hop around on one leg or offer to bite your shins, and they need to be stomped on every now an again.

Even if you’re mad enough to insist that solar forcing changes might be strong enough to explain climate change; or that they are amplified by some mysterious mechanism involving clouds or space aliens; you’re still left with the minor problem that (a) the trend in solar, if there is one, is downwards and (b) any trend is much smaller than the 11-y solar cycle which you certainly don’t see in the sfc data; see wiki for example.

The new paper won’t stop the loonies, of course; nothing will (and anyway, this being published in Proc Royal Soc and nature just means its part of the Vast Global Warming Conspiracy ™). But it may be handy for editing into wikipedia.

[Update: the paper is available (thanks F) and the abstract is There is considerable evidence for solar influence on the Earth’s pre-industrial climate and the Sun may well have been a factor in post-industrial climate change in the first half of the last century. Here we show that over the past 20 years, all the trends in the Sun that could have had an influence on the Earth’s climate have been in the opposite direction to that required to explain the observed rise in global mean temperatures. -W]

Cr*p weather

I’d just like to let you know that the weather here has been pretty rubbishy for what seems like ages. Down here we’re not getting the floods they have oop north, just lots of rain, and indeed yesterday some hail too.

This has a vaguely serious side. Clearly, one summer (or lack thereof) doesn’t make for a trend; but its one answer to those who say “global warming; oh good Blackpool will be like the french riviera”. It might just get warmer; but more likely weather patterns will shift; and who knows it could shift to excess summer rain.

Holy Science Museums, Rapman!

It seems that Chris Rapley is moving on from Director of BAS to be director of the Science Museum. He said…

I am thrilled at the prospect of taking on the leadership of such a cherished national institution, especially as the task I have been set is to make it the most admired museum of its type in the world.

This will include building the museum’s international profile and reputation, strengthening its national position and being the benchmark for best practice.

Well, good luck to him. Bring on Nick Owens.

[Update: maybe he can get rid of the stupid Giant Ring, or maybe kick out the moneychangers (aka the bookshop) -W]

Heat or Temperature?

Another interesting entry on the often-provoking RP Sr site. This time a guest post by McNider, who I don’t know. He indulges in some giveaway ranting: Climate change alarmists have used the global surface temperature record as evidence of man’s impact on climate being “real” yet, as discussed below, most of the warming in this record is at night and probably has little to do with the accumulation of heat in the atmosphere which is foolish, unless you want to dismiss the IPCC as alarmists, which leaves you amongst the wild-eyed Lubos fringe. And requires you to believe some strange things about the SST record.
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