Scientists fear climate change speed-up as oceans fail to hold greenhouse gases

Via R4 and mt, Scientists fear climate change speed-up as oceans fail to hold greenhouse gases. Its about the North Atlantic, which is absorbing less CO2 over the last 10 years (note that the article, wrongly, says holds half; Slioch, who does a rather good job in the comments, picked that one up).

But airbourne fraction is still about 55%, so this can’t be happening globally. [Update: I now consider that to be dubious, it will get re-considered in an upcoming post -W]

8 photos of Global Warming for your blog/web site

I seem to have got onto some stupid PR spam list. The latest comes from Nat Geog, and is typically silly. It sez: As you probably know, most people have a hard time seeing exactly where on the planet global warming has taken its toll. This photo gallery from reveals global warming in action. The gallery includes 8 stunning photos that illustrate how global warming has affected the beautiful country of Greenland. You might be surprised to see how the rising temperatures in the region have boosted mining and agriculture production- perhaps even enough to bring Greenland closer to declaring its independence from Denmark! Of course, a warmer climate has its devastating effects too–check out the photos yourself to see more.
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3% chance of +10 oC by 2100?!?

[Ooh err. DC points out that she may mean 10 oF. Being American, this is possible. Being a scientist, it shouldn’t be (but were she being a scientist there should be a unit symbol, so this is probably the newspaper, so this may well be oF). 3% chance of 10 oF is probably plausible, though I’d still be curious as to where she gets it from. The realisation that this is oF not oC makes this post just about pointless, but I’ll leave it up anyway 🙂 -W]

Thats what Judith Curry says the IPCC says (she is trying to counter Lomborg; thanks to CC for pointing out the article). It doesn’t look compatible with SPM-6, errrm, and since when I last looked there were no probablilities on any of the SRES scenarios I can’t see it could possibly exist.

There is a prize of the copyright to a naughty photo to anyone who can tell me where she gets her number from.
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Yes, blog action day, time to post something. mt is as ever sensible, as is Gavin: if you aren’t prepared to take action when your lakes get covered with toxic scum; or when even on a clear day, you cannot see the sun: then why are you going to worry about global warming?

FB has more inspiring things to say. Read him instead.


Another little break from AIT, this time inspired by CIP to scrappleface.

Apologies for the caps, its directly lifted and I didn’t want to change it (read: couldn’t be bothered to type it all out again). Or perhaps he really did spend the entire speech shouting; its possible, the things he said deserve to be shouted. This is Sanchez, on the evil stupid Iraq war (though the beeb said he was an inglorious part of Abu-Ghraib). There is plenty more quotable in there – “THERE HAS BEEN A GLARING, UNFORTUNATE, DISPLAY OF INCOMPETENT STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP” would do, though he knocks party-partisanship lower down. HE signs off with ” PRAISE BE TO THE LORD MY ROCK WHO TRAINS MY FINGERS FOR BATTLE AND MY HANDS FOR WAR.” I don’t suppose its any use quoting “Thou shalt not kill”, people are always rather selective in their bible readings.

scarppleface commented on this under “Retired General Upgrades War to ‘Nightmare’ Status” which I thought rather good. In fact the later article there calls attention to Sanchez remarks on the media, which I was about to say “are worth reading” before realising that I only skimmed them, so perhaps they aren’t after all. If i had more time.

But this is really only an excuse to steal the following funny from scrappleface: “Gore Wins Nobel Prize, High Court Gives It to Bush… Although former Vice President Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize this week for his work as a global-warming performance artist, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled early today that President George Bush would receive the gold medal, the diploma and the $750,000.”


On with the boring. Disclaimer: this is nit-picking, for the question “is Gore accurate?”. On the wider issue, I’m with the judge and with RC: Gore is basically correct. First off, its not really Tuvalua, its vaguer: “that’s why the citizens of these Pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand” is what the judge has him saying (p 26). Which also fits a transcript NJ kindly pointed me to. Just in case we’re in any doubt as to the tense Gore is using, the book rather helpfully has a double page spread with large letters for the hard-of-reading (p186-7) saying “Many residents of low-lying Pacific islands have already had to evacuate their homes because of rising seas”. The picture under the words, though, is captioned high-tide at Tuvalu, so we’re back to pinning this on Tuvalu. I’ll come back to the context at the end, but just for now note that this is in the context of sea level rise – you’re not allowed to let Gore cop out by blaming it on storminess.
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