Yikes! Said my daughter this morning. I thought the gentle art of saying Yikes had died out. How pleasant to be mistaken. Now all I need is for someone to say Zounds! in my presence.

Meanwhile… you’ve seen the BAS christmas e-card, lightly modified; the CSR one is here.

Coming at some point when I have a spare moment… a round-up of my betting position in case I’ve forgotten anyone. And a pointer to a blog ranking thingy of unknown quality in which I’m #32. 32? Zounds!

8 thoughts on “Yikes!”

  1. I believe the correct expression would be “Zounds! Foiled again!”, preferably uttered by an evil scientist and optionally followed by “If it hadn’t been for those kids I’d have gotten away with it.”


  2. I’m always surprised at the looks I get when I use the expressions “Crikey!” or “Good Heavens!”.

    I got them form my Grandad, who was an ex-naval guy – and they’ve always been “tongue in cheek” rather than quaint…


  3. Wait till you hear:

    “Halloa! Hoop! Halloo!”

    as a result of your kids being in a performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’. This, believe it or not, is a quote from an excited Scrooge reliving his childhood!


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