Silly Singer

Enough mawkish maudlin sentiment. Time to jump on the wackos again. This time its UnSciAm, who are foolish enough to publish a letter from Singer without fact-checking it first (I don’t think you can blame Singer for getting his facts wrong, since thats the entire point). You can (and I do) blame SciAm for not checking first. Its not as if the data is obscure or hard to find or anything.

Singer claims “the models predict that temperature trends will increase with altitude by 200 to 300 percent” (and then goes on to say “the data from both weather balloons and satellites show the opposite”; what is the opposite of increasing by 200-300%? Decreasing by the same? Of course they don’t). Anyway, no, the models don’t preditct this at all. They predict about 30% – see for example Santer et al, 2005 – though its moneywalled, and I couldn’t find a public version. How about ripping off one of their figures: