Dr Stoat

There I was, happily listening to R4 about some nonsense about obese kids, when suddenly I’m listening to a “Dr Stoat”. Good heavens. He does indeed seem to exist, it wasn’t my ears, e.g. here. He’s a GP, not a holder-of-a-doctorate, but its close enough.

Next step, anyone ever listened to a Dr Weasel? Dr Malaysian Honey Badger?

8 thoughts on “Dr Stoat”

  1. I read the news on pluscupid.com. It says many parents don’t recognize their kids’ obesity although they are overweight. It is dangerous and a problem for our society. Our government, school and parents should show great concerns for teenagers health.


  2. I’ve never heard a Dr Weasel speak, but if you’re interested in locating possible Dr Weasels then you might consider asking on the Weasel Family Genealogy Forum whether any of their members have PhDs or is an MD, etc.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any genealogy sites for the family name “Malaysian Honey Badger”. Perhaps in Malay?


  3. Howabout Dr. Loony, the psychiatrist, or Dr. Boozer, the specialist in substance abuse disorders? (My mother edits a psychiatry journal, and collects this kind of thing.)

    Posted by: Frederick Ross | January 21, 2008 1:17 PM

    Or Dr. Break, the bone specialist? LOL!
    Dave Briggs :~)


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