James is too busy worrying about his shares so I shall have to continue Corbynwatch. He’s popped up in the Times, making the implausible claim that his forecasts for November were correct. Quite where he is going to find -17 oC for January is a mystery – in fact we have record warmth. I don’t suppose that will stop him.

6 thoughts on “Corbynwatch”

  1. But haven’t you been keeping track? There was a data error so it is Turkey freezing instead. (Nevermind the way the article linked says that the cold weather was coming from Siberia so it is obviously possible that it was going to reach Western Europe but for that pesky data error….)


  2. Actually I’m more worried about my salary and (Japanese) savings which are now worth so little that I might not be able to afford anywhere to live if we ever return to the UK.

    Maybe it’s time to give up climate science and get a real job 🙂


  3. Aonach Moor got down to -10 last night? But that’s about as unusual at this time of year as PC using a red font in one of his forecasts.


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