Bellowhead & Wild Willy

Monday: to The Junction, that singularly unappealing Cambridge venue, for Bellowhead who were superb. You can find them on Youtube but its not the same as watching them live. They’re on UK tour now…

If you’re in Cambridge and that way inclined, on wednesday you can hear John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett. I’ve heard Wild Willy at the folk fest and he was superb and bizarre. Strongly recommended, I’d go but I have an outing. Read this.

4 thoughts on “Bellowhead & Wild Willy”

  1. “Beware Of The Flowers Cause I’m Sure They’re Going To Get You Yeah”.

    John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett are a surreal combination. I saw them in a tiny, hot and sweaty pub in Stoke on Trent many years ago, it was one of the best evenings I’ve ever spent.

    I second William’s recommendation, it’s well worth going if they appear in a venue near you.


  2. We saw them at the Folk Festival last year. We liked.

    [Ha. Its been a few years since we folk-fested. We heard Spiers and Boden when they were nearly-unknowns: caught their first set by accident and were mesmerised. Ah, the rambling sailor! (sadly they didn’t do the big-band version on Monday. Also they had a replacement squeezebox player since ?Jon? (I can never remember which is which) was apparently on paternity leave). Kate R was good too, a wonderful voice… I have a video of her doing the Drowned Lovers, though she got a few of the words wrong 🙂 -W]


  3. Speaking of singularly unappealing, you’re up for discussion just now at CA! I have excerpted the “best” comment:

    “469 (Phil.): My, I’ve hit a sore spot have I? There was a hysteria over cooling in the 1970’s, and the efforts of propagandists like Connolley to downplay it are disgusting revisionism. Do you really belive I’m going to listen to what the man who controled wiki with an iron fist has to say? The fact of the matter is that GC hysteria was not a myth. People went crazy over it. Perhaps you are right that it did not have as much scientific support as sometimes claimed, but how is that relevant to what I’m saying here? There is an effort to eliminate a publicly embarassing incident in climate science. I didn’t say that there was any contradiction between those predictions and predictions now. I merely stated that there was a hyped up hysteria with little scientific support for a problem that evaporated. Any extrapolation to today is the business of people interesting in making such arguments, so I’m not implying “Gee, sound familiar?”. H. H. Lamb was right (and BTW, H H Lamb is not exactly someone who Connolley would usually agree with) but ordinary people don’t get that. Hell, why even bother publishing a paper that the whole thing never happened unless your intention is propaganda? You know that the public see an apparent contradiction, so you must make it go away. The intent of the paper is nothing more or less than deception. If there is no real contradiction scientifically, why make it go away? This is a disgrace, not science.”

    Wikipedia editors, red of tooth and claw.

    [I like the idea of an Iron Fist. Can I have one? And why am I supposed to disagree with Lamb? -W]


  4. Sadly, a quick google was unable to turn up a literal iron fist, with or without velvet glove. There’s this alternative, though.

    I assume the Lamb reference has to do with the MWP/LIA, although that’s rather like using Einstein to oppose string theory or (more topically) using Agassiz to oppose Lamb.

    Speaking of septics, I’m not sure if the sound carried across the Atlantic, but a rather larger balloon just burst as the feared Heart of Darkness turned out to more resemble a Victorian tea party. Don’t miss it!


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