Dog poo and car stereos

To the annual parish meeting. Thankfully I am no longer a parish councillor so am not obliged to go; but since a friend told me it was on I turned up. Of those who did, most were parish councillors, one was the district councillor, two were dogs walkers (I’ll come on to that), two were my friend and me, and the remaining one was my friends daughter (who had done a very good hand-drawn childrens newspaper). [Update: oops, I forgot the sole stoic parishioner who turned up, and has turned up to every one for the last 20 years.]
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He’s at it again, again

Predictably enough, the Grauniad has picked up on Hansens target 350 stuff. And what he said before about W Ant now seems to have got transmogrified into:

Hansen said that he now regards as “implausible” the view of many climate scientists that the shrinking of the ice sheets would take thousands of years. “If we follow business as usual I can’t see how west Antarctica could survive a century. We are talking about a sea-level rise of at least a couple of metres this century.”

What might you make of it?

Suppose you read a press release that started… Bleak first results from the world’s largest climate change experiment and continued Greenhouse gases could cause global temperatures to rise by more than double the maximum warming so far considered likely by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), according to results from the world’s largest climate prediction experiment, published in the journal Nature this week. and went on The first results from, a global experiment using computing time donated by the general public, show that average temperatures could eventually rise by up to 11°C – even if carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are limited to twice those found before the industrial revolution. Such levels are expected to be reached around the middle of this century unless deep cuts are made in greenhouse gas emissions. and lower down said Having found that these extreme responses are a realistic possibility…

What might you make of it?
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‘No Sun link’ to climate change

Well, we knew that anyway, but there is some more stuff out on it, says the BBC: The Svensmark hypothesis is that when the solar wind is weak, more cosmic rays penetrate to Earth. That creates more charged particles in the atmosphere, which in turn induces more clouds to form, cooling the climate.

The solar folk tend to take this on a long term basis, which is fraught with problems because the cloud obs aren’t good over those scales due to inter-satellite calibration etc etc. But Sloan et al. seem to have decided to take Svensmark seriously (which most people don’t 🙂 and look to see if short-term cloud changes correlate to short-term changes in cosmic rays (because the mechanism, if it works at all, should also work on short time scales). The result: they don’t, and hence it doesn’t.

You can, if you please, discuss this theory over at The Sun but as you’d expect the level of discussion is rather low: apparently it was much warmer 25 kyr ago and much colder 100 kyr ago. Ah well -W]


I can report a definite downwards temperature trend: this year, Easter was much colder than last year. But thats because we went visiting in the Lakes. I heartily recommend having a relative living there; better still, live there yourself.

Here we see an igloo and inhabitant.

And the view from Knott on the Caldbeck fells, looking south. You can’t see that it was also very cold and windy.