X-Press head

Chesterton came 3rd in the X-Press head though I don’t think thats very useful for seeding crews for the City bumps in July. 9:42 is a passable time, on the right side of 10 mins, though a long way short of City’s 8:59. But the boat was full of subs (like me) so will hopefully go faster once the real crew is in place. Meanwhile, Chesterton 2 is chasing Tabs *8* on the first day, which should be fun.

One thought on “X-Press head”

  1. What is a full course head race? Is it 2.5K?
    In the US the head races are almost all 5K. We are in sprint season now — 1K races for masters in buoyed lanes. Here the head races run from September through November. Can’t wait!

    Just did my only sprint race of the year Sunday others require >300 miles of traveling which I’m not willing to do for a four minute race. Sunday’s races went well–rowed fairly poorly (missing water, lunging at the catch, a bit choppy) in the 1x but still won. First over the line in the 2x (bad start but otherwise decent row) but lost to fellow club members on handicap. Then joined those who beat us for a 4x which we won. So it was a good day over all. Been a long time since I’ve been in and 8+.


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