Day 1: Technical row over

So: we took 1/2 a length off tabs 8 on the start, but they held us long enough to get robs 6, who were by all accounts rather slow. tabs 8 did a poor job of clearing the river so after 40 strokes we ended up jammed behind them. City 4?5? cruised past several lengths down, and appeared to be celebrating at the beer tree, but we are optimistic of a technical row over on the grounds of being impeded.

Other news: our mens 3 in the same division wear the willow; our ladies 1 rowed over as head of w2 and bumped up into w1, very exciting. w2 and m1 both rowed over. m1 rather flogged themselves down the reach, despite having 5 lengths before and behind.


Fairly obviously, that photo is copyright, but I’m assuming the photo folk don’t mind free advertising. Click on the pic for their site. I’m 7. You’ll notice that 5 and 7’s blades are parallel, which is more than you can say for any of the blades on strokeside (snark snark). All three boats (you can just see tabs bowside blades in the left of the pic) are (IMHO) taking the wrong line around the corner. For those who know Luke Diamand here is here and here too. Ouch!

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Technical row over”

  1. It is a long-winded way of saying “I am desperately trying to recapture my youth” 🙂

    [You are cruel. But I am getting some of my youth back, in that I’m down to 7:20.1 -W]

    The best bit about rowing is giving it up. I still cannot stop myself from smiling (generally a rare event) when I think to myself: “no more early morning training sessions”. Best done by choice rather than through injury, though…

    [Ah. You want to try adult rowing (fnarr). We row in the evenings then go to the pub -W]


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