Buy our stuff (part 2)

Wireless scales! Your weight beamed to your mobile! See here.

Now we just need to work out what to call it.

The wire is just the power cord to the scales, of course, not connecting the scales to the phone 🙂

4 thoughts on “Buy our stuff (part 2)”

  1. The use of the ‘i’ prefix in high-tech product naming is very common these days. I’d prefer the comparatively infrequently encountered ‘e-‘ prefix. But then, with the lower bandwidth of mobile devices and networks, the weighing process won’t be immediate. In fact, you could be delayed by quite some time before the ultimate quantification decision. That’s right: it’s a long weigh to tip a rare ‘e’.

    [Ah, you win the “best comment for a long time” prize 🙂

    In fact, maybe I should have such a prize -W]


  2. Build the scales into shoe insoles, so they can track both your walking and your weight and whisper little pre-recorded phrases related to exercise and weight into your bluetooth headset, right?


  3. William, would this work for a barometer/altimeter?

    How about an airflow pattern detector?

    I’m wondering how many of them I could apply to a hang glider wing and whether they’d give a fast and useful readout of where the flow was doing what.

    Not quite yet?

    [Its a bluetooth variant, but one designed to be low power. So your problem would probably be interfacing them to the detection equipement more than anything else -W]


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