Every step you take, every move you make…

…we’ll be watching you. Bluetooth, that is. At least according to the rather over-hyped Bluetooth is watching: secret study gives Bath a flavour of Big Brother. I don’t have a lot of sympathy. If you go around shouting out “Hello my name is Eric Fertang” then you shouldn’t complain if people listen.

Top quote: “This is yet another example of moronic use of privacy concerns,” said Simon Davies, director of Privacy International, an independent campaigning group defending personal privacy (err, well no, not quite: he actually said “technology” not “privacy concerns”, but I know what he meant). “If the technology is as safe as they claim, then all the technical specifications should be published and people should be informed when they are being tracked.” The BT spec *is* published… how does he think people implement it? Guesswork? And I can’t see being constantly pinged with text messages saying “you’re being tracked… you’re still being tracked…” would be very popular (or even possible: you can’t get someones phone number from their BT address, unless they give it to you; nor can you necessarily talk to them just cos they are shouting at you). “It would not take much adjustment to make this system a ubiquitous surveillance infrastructure over which we have no control”. Well no, you just have to tell your phone not to go around shouting at people.

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TGGWS again: oh lordy

Prefix: you may have read the leaks about this in the Grauniad: “Channel 4 to be censured over controversial climate film” seems a fair comment on the fairness ruling. But are they right about the accuracy aspect? That will need another post. Meanwhile, thanks to Dave Rado for pushing all this, and have a look at http://www.ofcomswindlecomplaint.net/. Ofcom officially available from http://www.ofcom.org.uk/tv/obb/prog_cb/obb114/issue114.pdf.

If you have any sense, you’ve probably forgotten the late and unlamented The Great Global Warming Swindle (and many other points in the blogosphere). But people complained to OfCom about how cr*p the prog was, and the long slow OfCom process has now produced some rulings. To me the process seems rather like the Scott report: designed to bury the interesting information as deep as possible in mounds of verbiage. But reading through, we get…

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Sea ice: I’m in Nature again

Eat your hearts out real scientists 🙂 See here. I think its hung off a trip in the icebreaker that QS got; see his blog I get to say Bets have already been laid on whether this summer’s ice loss will be more than last year’s. William Connolley, a software engineer who used to model sea-ice changes at the British Antarctic Survey, has taken in roughly €300 (US$470) so far in the informal online pool he runs. (He bet ‘no’.) Connolley points out that, even if a new record is set, that has little meaning in the long term. “We all recognize the climatological trend is downwards,” he says, “but what will happen this year depends on weather and natural variation.” As for recent media speculation that the ice at the North Pole will be melted this summer, he notes: “There may or may not be open water in the area by September, but nobody is predicting there will be zero sea ice in the Arctic, or that sea-ice extent might halve compared with last year.” The possibility of an ice-free North Pole, he says, is a statistical fluke about a particular geographical point that says little about sea-ice conditions in the basin as a whole.

I made up the e300. I’m still not sure what the total actually is. It depends a bit on the carrot exchange rate.
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No excuse for inaction when times get tough

Or so says Gordy. The grauniad has a special supplement on Climate Change. I guess they aren’t taking it too seriously, because I spent quite a time digging through their web site before I found it. I rather liked Monbiot Porrit’s piece but for the moment I’m going to look at what Broon said.
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Best disturbing songs

A meme I heard somewhere – I forget where. Likely suspects are welcome to remind me and get credited. The version I didn’t see but have just found is by Scott Butki (thats one of those American names like “Peentangler” that sound so funny to us old folks). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes – that one cites a song was going to: “Family Snapshot” by Peter Gabriel. Hung off the shooting of Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1972 (I had always thought it was about the JFK assassination, but apparently not, or maybe, who knows, it doesn’t matter, ah well blogging can sometimes be informative), it explores the mindset of an assassin, or perhaps someone who is just dreaming, or its just about the sadness of growing up lonely in a breaking marriage; since its a song so you can’t tell. But it is brilliant, lyrically and musically; watch/listen here.
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