I’m back

The long school holidays draw to a close, and with it the disruptions to my online-ness.

We went to Mallorca, we went to Wales, we went to Torpenhow (the latter set is rather boring because the interesting ones are private. Sorry).

So I have to catch up on a whole pile of online stuff, and rant about our stupid politicians. And cut the grass. Tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I’m back”

  1. Welcome back. How are you feeling about our sea ice bet? I’m very surprised to see area dropping so low. Only a month ago I was predicting a minimum of around 3.75 Mkm^2.

    And: do you fancy a pint? I’m in Cambridge until Thursday.


  2. Harlech castle: spectacular place, lovely part of the world. It was a seaside castle when built, though never sand. And clambering up Snowdon, too. I remember getting half way up with my three-year old daughter on my shoulders. So near, and yet so far…


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