Georgia stuffs it up

Not that Georgia of course, I mean the country.

In one of the stupidest political miscalculations since Bush thought it was a good idea to invade Iraq, the Georgian Prez seems to have decided that since everyone was watching the olympics on telly now would be a good time to “invade” South Ossetia (and amusingly enough, it seems some Georgian troops currently in Iraq are heading home). The Beeb seems to have a reasonable summary.

Notice that I had to put “invade” in quotes above: SO technically is a part of Georgia. But as far as I can tell, it does so in roughly the same sense that Kosovo belongs to Serbia: ie, as an accident of the break-up of old political blocks.

Just to make things more entertaining, Russia then decided on a vast over-reaction and appears to be bombing bits of Georgia largely at random, presumably to punish them for being to Westernised. That’s not going to win them any friends, but I’m very curious to find out what we manage to do about it. Given our current dependence on their oil and gas, I’m betting “not very much”. It would be hard to formalise that, but if I have any takers we could try.

Meanwhile, there seems to have been some rowing at the lympics, in between the smog.

And while I’m here, thanks to PW for the Dire Weasel.