Divorced – for having an affair in Second Life

And other miscellania. That one is from the Indy: “she had once awoken from an afternoon nap to discover him sitting at his computer watching his online character – whom he had named Dave Barmy – having sex with an on-screen call girl.” Weird or what. Somewhat more spicily (not to say utterly made up) is this from the DailyMash. Which also confirms that running is stupid and that we’re all buying the change bulshytt. But I promised to be less cynical, so I’ll point to you what Sarah pointed me to.

On another plane, Halliburton seeks patent on patent trolling amused. While we’re on amusements, there is a version of life, and less cerebrally bloons 3.

On the work front, as usual I can’t tell you anything interesting, other than it was the Fun Run today (well done us, we won). The Torygraph will tell you something, though. The shakeout may do us long-term good. On which subject, Life Without Wires by Eric Broockman is worth a read.

And lastly, seen in Heffers:

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