Gore vs Armstrong. Or not

I encountered [[J Scott Armstrong]] via his wiki entry, and the blogosphere, when he proposed a $20,000 bet with Gore (though since each side was supposed to put up $10,000 this seems like puffery from the start). JA pointed out the obvious reasons why the bet is trickery. On Armstrong’s part, this seems to have developed into a website theclimatebet.com/, and its fairly clear which side they are on. The rubbish keeps coming back onto wiki, although it dies quickly.

So far so boring. Gore’s basic response has been “go away I’m busy“, which is fair enough. I’m slightly curious that he hasn’t pointed out the obvious flaws, too. He must have a climatologist who can do that. The strategy is probably to avoid engagement: even bothering to attack Armstrong gives him more credit than he deserves. In which case, I shouldn’t have written this. Ah well.

[Update: Armstrong remains a twat. For example here -W]