Vile jobbery on the Cam

And I’m not talking about me being appointed captain of Men’s boats at Chesterton. No, the jobbery I’m talking about is the new house being constructed just by the Fort St George bridge. it’s been a while a-coming, and when first laid out I was impressed by how small the ground plan was – how self-effacing, and in fact rather wasteful, I thought to my self. But now it becomes clear that this is only because it is to be a 4-storey steel-concrete-and-glass monster, badly out of place. It will be a lovely house to live in, but far too prominent. A WP:RS (i.e. a woman cycling by) told me it was being built for a college fellow, which might explain how they got permission for it.

While I’m here, and totally unrelated, another view of cambridge river life is our esteemed club captain and partner and dog at

And browsing that, I find Mind the view… …oops, too late. So James thinks it’s a block of flats. He might be right. Quite why he doubts that “the small city centre flats will be very profitable” I don’t know 😦

[Update: having looked again, I see that some of the neighbouring buildings are pretty bleak already; see here; Peterhouse is good, of course, but the dark brown square brick flats next door are yukky.]

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