Tis the season to watch the young folks. Ah, those were the days.

Just after the 1 minute gun. LMBC, friday, destined to be caught by Kings.

Jesus II hard on the heels of Anglia; what you can’t see from this is that they stuffed up their line on the corner. But they got them in the end.

Catz women happy.

Vote me

Too late now. I got 323 votes which is about twice Labour, but only a fifth of the Tories so I’m still safely kept away from the mighty levers of political power on the county council. Whew. Unlike Simon Sedgwick-Jell in the Abbey ward of the city who is now the first Cambridge Green councillor. Though astonishingly, in another place we seem to have managed to lose to Broon – truely an outstanding accomplishment in these dark days.
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Brain transplant

Following my oops I got a new portege, though it had a blank disc. Fortunately I didn’t really care about that, as I wanted to swap discs. This turned out to be a matter of 2 screws on each box, and lo and behold the mind and memory of my old machine is transferred to a shiny new one, with the added benefit of keys that you can read and even press, due to a lack of biscuit crumbs and apple juice residue.

The only slight faff was that the wireless wasn’t recognised, presumably due to some hardware up/downgrade between the old and news ones. Downloading everything from fixed that (it turns out to be an Intel one, if you care).

Meanwhile, I used the pic of the old broken screen as a screensaver at work.

Death and Disaster

Or, Pielke versus the world. To put my prejudices up front, my money would be on Pielke. Since I get to write this whilst watching a backup of my laptop (for for some odd reason) I’ll have time to read the sources as I write this.

Background: global warming is happening, and will continue into the future. But how much of a problem is it now, and how much will it be in the future? These are difficult questions. Many organisations and people (the Greenpeace types) appear to automatically assume that All Will Be Ill, and there is no particular need to study this question or even think about it. They are wrong, of course.
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I think I may have kicked it a bit too hard this time.

[Update: best comment so far has to be the ref to, but is a good second-best.

Another update: I was quoted ~£150 to fix the screen. So I bought a reconditioned machine off ebay for £100 + postage. Such is the internet.

Meanwhile: remember this: -W]