Midsummer madness

No, not arbcomm, though they seem to be fairly wacky. This summer has been very disconnected, but I’m finally back, so expect more unbridled tat. I was going to take a peek at the sea ice situation, on the off-chance that no-one else had, but googled it first and ended up with Greenpeace’s sea ice ‘mistake’ delights climate change sceptics. Strange stuff. People forgetting to say “sea” in front of “ice” is hardly new or interesting, though, except in August when nothing happens. mt has the tedious detail so you don’t have to bother.

But there is plenty more weird stuff. The Mighty James Annan smacks down some oddness from RP Jr, in between whats looks like rather luxurious mountain climbing. Wimp.

Eli lets the side down by actually talking about real science but we’ll let him off with a caution this time.

As to the sea ice, where I came in, it isn’t looking very exciting this year. I may win my bet with The Penguin yet.

Summer time

Summer is the time when middle-aged parents scrabble around trying to patch together work and school holidays. We’ve been to Wales and the Lakes. I could make some not-very-interesting comments about rain; but apart from saving us the trouble of camping one night it hasn’t been a bother. Rowing-wise, summer is the interval between the Bumps and Ely (or even Boston), usually filled with nothing but this year the club seems to be unusually active, which is good, though being back to the K8 is a step down after the menacing Black Prince. Mind you the varnish is excellent – I keep wanting to polish it.

Since this post has little purpose other than to prove that I’m still alive, I offer for your amusement [[Wikipedia:No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man]], which will lead you on (if you dare) to [[WP:LAME]]. I’m particularly proud of my contribution to this page [1].

[Oh, and P suggests “But the fearsome creature had flung itself into the metal grille of
the BMW Z4 and become a stoataway.” -W]

The wilder shores

“Thanks” to M (if that is the word) for the pointer to Trapping Carbon Dioxide Or Switching To Nuclear Power Not Enough To Solve Global Warming Problem, Experts Say. This is Nordell pushing his stuff again (did I blog the nonsense here? I forget). It is the first I’ve heard of the delightful International Journal of Global Warming (IJGW) which is clearly failing in its mission to publish “high-quality original papers”. Is there any more to say?

Why wikipedia is like eternal life

Well not in all respects of course. Sometimes people die. But before I get on to that…

Have you noticed that I haven’t posted much recently? I’ve been on holidays. Wales is very nice, I recommend it. I’ll go again. That is Castell-y-Bere, if you don’t recognise it.

Where was I? Oh yes…

The thing I’m referring to is the way memories fade. There is a wonderful book by KSR called “Icehenge” which you should read, wherein parts of the plot revolve around the way that, although people live for centuries due to strange drugs, they still have the same brains and the same fallible memories trying to store more and more stuff, with the result that people forget their own presence at, and even the interpretation or existence of, important historical events.

And the same thing happens on wikipedia. My most recent example is me and User:BigTimePeace who I had tagged in my mind as one of my many enemies, though I had forgotten why. When I eventually felt moved to complain, it turned out that I had nothing to complain about [1], or if I had I had forgotten what, and couldn’t be bothered to look up the diffs, even though in theory they are available. Part of the lesson may be to keep better records; I’ve made a start at the curse of gnome.

And since this seems as good a place as any: will people start leaving their heirs their gmail passwords in their wills? I now have a large part of my life stored online, I hope it doesn’t die, though I can’t see who would want to wade through it all.