35 thoughts on “The tidal wave of trash continues”

  1. Hey I’m jealous now!

    There’s collnonenoelelywatch, that unused blog for rejected comments on RC and tamino….why is no-one stalking me?

    [You spend too long talking about boring old science, not political fluff. Anyway, now you believe cl sens is 2 oC, you’re a skeptic posterboy 🙂 -W]


  2. Well, you have a damn hard name to spell — you’d know if you tried spelling two syllable names instead of just using initials. You can’t expect someone to learn something about wikipedia AND spell full names correctly.


  3. “Could be as simple as you having delusions of grandeur!”
    spoken like a true stalker.

    I really think the sceptics are loosing it. First theft, then stalking, what’s next?


  4. “I wonder if Google has a policy on stalkers using their Blogger system”

    I doubt it. See Bloggerheads (www.bloggerheads.com) passim for just how little Google cares what people post on their blogsites.


  5. Do they even know you don’t work in the climatology arena any more?
    BUt certaintly it shows the expected pattern of harrassment of any scientist who dares to actually speak out on the issue. Rather, you should be in your lab producing stuff, never mind what impact it may have on the outside world.

    Wait a minute, havn’t they been on at scientists for years for hiding in their ivory towers and not doing enough interaction with the public?
    Yet when you do, you get harassed and hounded?

    Let us know when you get your first death threat.


  6. As someone ideally placed to “watch” you, I’m thinking of starting my own version: “Today, WMC wrote some code and went to lunch. Blah Al Gore blah socialism warmist wibble spong.”

    [Don’t forget, I’ve turned into the man of the snows and don’t write any code any more, you’re clearly not watching very carefully 🙂 -W]


  7. “Today, WMC wrote some code and went to lunch. Blah Al Gore blah socialism warmist wibble spong.”

    I bet he puts ketchup and a slice of ripe, red tomato on his somewhat pink-in-the-middle burger, and washes it down with a Red Hook Ale. Sure signs of socialism …


  8. Lawrence Solomon strikes again.

    Sample falsehood:

    “Before the hockey stick graphs began to be published about a decade ago, scientists everywhere – including those associated with the UN itself – viewed the Medieval Warm Period as much hotter than today. Rather than appearing as a modest bump compared to today’s high temperatures, the Medieval Warm Period looked more like a mountain next to the molehill that is today’s temperature increase.”


  9. 21 DC,

    So, Solomon is either a liar or highly delusional.

    Now, where would he claim to have seen that “mountain” pre-1998? That might be fun.

    (The stupid gets harder to take by the day.)


  10. Oh, boy, look what kind of comment they got there! “I tend to use Conservapedia instead as it’s free of liberal bias. It hasn’t got as much content as wikipedia yet, but i’ll take quality over quantity any day.” Wish I knew Latin so I could say something pithy in it. Settling for English: If the evil scientific community doesn’t agree with you, just write your own Truth. 🙂

    [I like the bit about dinosaurs believed to be extinct, but there being good evidence that they aren’t -W]


  11. Oh, man! Conservapedia is the next best thing since Uncyclopedia! A caption from its article on Global Warming under a fire-breathing picture of Al Gore: “Al Gore’s Schlockumentary under fire; An Inconvenient Truth found to be an inconvenient lie based on junk science and digitally enhanced, totally faked scenes of polar icecaps melting.” Duuude, I think the just totally slammed him. Buuuurn.


  12. If the evil scientific community doesn’t agree with you, just write your own Truth.

    Oh, it’s even better, Andy, their next project is to product their own version of the Bible.

    With all the evil liberal bits taken out.

    I’m serious …


  13. I personally don’t think you deserve a stalker blog. Just undoing your damage to wikipedia would be enough.

    [Having just checked, I see that blog isn’t doing a very good job of stalking me. If you have anything of substance to say, do let me know -W]


  14. It would be nice if Sam Spade would give an example of “damage” that William Connolley supposedly has done.

    Somehow I think the “damage” would be correcting false statements. Very damaging indeed…


  15. yes, how *DARE* you try and make wikipedia into a useful resource on any topic other than pokemon and sonic the hedgehog characters. for shame.

    anyway, have a good new year, and keep up the good work!


  16. Dr Connolley, Happy New Year.

    I have spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on the global warming scene and naturally popped in to see what you were saying. For what it’s worth for others, if interested, I have done the rounds with Dr Annan (on probability, verification and skill, old papers but still good, and his paper on sensitivity which I found very interesting), RC (just about everything)Rabbettrun (always worth a visit) Tamino and the other lot including McI etc and others.

    I read quite a bit of the stuff on the Get WMC campaign and frankly found it shocking. It struck me as significantly over the top and unnecessary. I suppose Ancient Rome was like that. I suspect that the Bard would have made a rattling good yarn out of it to rival Titus Andronicus as a video nasty.

    For what it is worth, I always find your climate stuff interesting. Dont weaken.


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