4 thoughts on “I’m number 11”

  1. What does that MEAN exactly?

    [Ah, sometimes I forget that not everyone has their head stuck up their bum :-). It is a list of most-watched pages (everyone on wikipedia has a “watchlist” of pages. 400-odd people (so to speak) have my user/talk page on their watchlist. make an account! Watch my page! Push me higher… -W]


  2. But is being as high as number 11 good or bad?

    I assume it is bad being a result of all those silly people believing those silly reports of you rewriting all the climate pages.

    But maybe it is good because you just like being notorious?

    [The only thing worse than being noticed… -W]


  3. I’m just getting over the shock of being at 15, despite my not having done anything of much interest for at least three years.


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