The election

We have an alection in prospect, how exciting. I notice (well in fact *I* didn’t, but someone else did and told me) that the oh-so-important climate didn’t get a single mention in the Great Debate.

Speaking of which: here is all you need to know:

Or maybe you prefer digger porn?

5 thoughts on “The election”

  1. I’m pretty sure it was agreed that the first debate would focus on domestic issues. Climate change evidently didn’t qualify but I’m sure it’ll turn up later. I’m looking forward to seeing David “green” Cameron justify his choice of campaign transport…


  2. it’ll probably come up in the last debate. The three aren’t terribly far apart on the issue though, are they?


  3. On the whole I like the digger porn better.

    [Perhaps we could decide the election by tower-climbing? Or better still, the first up “Silk” -W]


  4. The contrarians are right. A consensus can be wrong.

    But they should have applied the remark to economics and politics when it is common, rather than science for which it is rare. The 3 party consensus is that the UK must begin a deep cut in public expenditure. New L and the LD’s have roughly the same 4 or 5 year goal as the Tories, except that they want to delay for a year, which implies that they might have to cut faster once they start. The BBC has spent nearly a year accusing politicians of dishonesty, if they stop talking about big cuts.

    Its not as if this has been proved. Someone who disagrees is Professor Danny Blanchflower? He is not even far left.

    This is all I can find for now:

    It looks as if UK Science is going to be a casualty, by consensus . I don’t expect the BAS and similar places will be immune.


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