6 thoughts on “I’m #2!”

  1. You mean there’s such a thing as a “stoat” other than this fucking blog? You learn something every day!

    [One day in the distant future (perhaps when we all live in space, or in bubbles) I’m hopeful that people will think that the animal was named after my blog. Only wikipedia to take out, and that can be arranged, bwa ha ha -W]


  2. Five years ago, in a post on my farm blog, I mentioned “ontological transformation”. I was amused to discover that I was soon number one in Google searches for that phrase — ahead of the article I was referring to… And checking, I see I’m still at number three.


  3. William #2: actually that’s not original… there was a novel by Clarke where somebody who had grown up on Titan for the first time visited Earth, and realized what honeycomb structures were named after 😉


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