Bee blogging

Dscn1508-bee-pollen_crop_w800 (for Maz). Perceptive readers will notice that this is a bumblebee, and on a hollyhock, so is anachronistic.

Sunday afternoon, and I finally had time to see to the girls. This was my first visit of the year (oh, the shame) and so finding the beesuit and trousers and gloves was step one. Step two was the smoker, cardboard and matches. Step 3 took rather longer, and was to clear the nettles and general vegetation away from the hive. After that, it was time to open up, and I was pleased to find a happy hive full of bees with the two supers nearly full, but not capped. The Rape is around this year (last year, for a pleasant change, it wasn’t) so I’ll have to Take Off fairly soon. At this rate I may have to add another super first, which will mean digging out some frames or making them up.

Dredging down in the brood box (they were being well behaved) I found a couple of empty queen cells, which tallies with a neighbour a few doors off who had a swarm of bees descend on his house on Saturday and then vanish inside his chimney (yes I went for a look, but since his roof is tall and his fireplace bricked up, there was little to do). Although the hive felt somewhat full for that. Ah well, who knows really. I’m happy they survived the winter – Nikola’s didn’t. is a bit odd – perhaps rather rushed. Braod aspects to be covered will be… suggests that they haven’t even had time to spell check it. That they don’t mention makes me think this is going to be officious ponderous we-need-our-own-wheel stuff. Still, who knows? There is stuff in Nature too. Is this really just the reaction to the CRU email junk that it looks like? If so, it is pointless.

[Update: Peter Thorne comments, and you should be sure to read that -W]

Innsbruck / Stubai

In 2001 I had the chance to visit the Stubai for a couple of days at the start and in the middle of a conference in Innsbruck. It was wonderful, and I didn’t kill myself. I’ve finally uploaded the pix; see flickr if you’re interested.


The mountains are great for either solo’ing, or an easy introduction. And the huts are splendid too. And not all the people look as silly as that, though a beret is remarkably practical.

Miriam and Miranda forced me to shave the beard off, eventually.

Broon oot

Broon has gone, for good this time, unlike yesterday’s fake resignation. He appears to have achieved one thing: yesterday’s last-gasp offer to the LD appears to have forced the Tories to offer a referendum on AV.

However, it wasn’t enough to tempt the LD’s to him, and his own party was iffy, and it wouldn’t have been a majority. So today he said “bugger this for a game of soldiers” and pissed off. Only he wrapped it up in a dignified speech.

My own keyinsight (hexapodia!) is so-far unarticulated by anyone else, and is hidden over the fold.
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Sorry about the CAPS, maybe physics folk are all RATHER SHOUTY. Never mind:

Abstract: In this journal, Gerhard Gerlich and Ralf D. Tscheuschner claim to have falsified the existence of an atmospheric greenhouse effect. Here, we show that their methods, logic, and conclusions are in error

Halpern et al., International Journal of Modern Physics B, Volume: 24, Issue: 10(2010) pp. 1309-1332 DOI: 10.1142/S021797921005555X. I’m pretty sure that has been blogged elsewhere, but call me Mr Sleepy. Anyway, a useful ref for those interested, and congrats to all involved for their patience with fools.

[Update: some of the authors are starting up a new forum:]

[Update: Let us start with Halpern’s favorite object of lust – w00t! Do they mean a carrot? -W]

[Update, 2012: ha ha, it died]

We win!

Yes, the Greens have got their first UK parliamentary seat [1]. Congratulations to Caroline Lucas in Brighton. And with the current hung parliament, it might even do some good. I wonder how well the GP would stand up to real politics?

More later when the results come in.

Oh yes: as a token gesture towards the real world: shame abuot the Lib Dems. Which caused me to look up South Cambs. This is usually a shoo-in for Lansley. And it was this time too, except that the Lib Dems were very clearly second and Labour nowhere. Maybe some hope for next time.
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