Day 4: down

DSC_5159-corpus-blades Oh dear, and we were rowing so well, too. Our best row of the week, and we pushed hard to get Cantabs, but while we closed on them (again!) it wasn’t enough to hold off the Leys who came up astonishingly fast to get their blades.

But a good night for the club overall. M3 put in some very tenacious rowing to hold off City 10, who were on for blades, until Grassy. With a large overlap (but not quite big enough for an automatic bump without touching) Emma Howard steered a brilliant line, helped (apparently) by M3’s natural tendency to turn to strokeside. And then City’s cox put too much thought into bumping and not enough into steering, and wanged into the bank, freeing M3. Very sad for City, but that is how things go.

W2 went up again, so they get their blades, very well done to them (I like to think I helped, just a little: last year I coxed them and they went down 4 places, thus carefully positioning them for this year). W1 rowed over for an overall count of up 2.

M1, who were bumped on thursday, put in an epic row and nearly caught the boat that bumped them before.

And then we washed down our borrowed boat, racked up the blades, said goodbye to the bumps for another year, and all went to the Fort.


Corpus boathouse (or rather, then bay of the shared boathouse which is theirs. Our boat is the second from bottom on the right.


M3 leading off at the head of division 4, hotly pursued by City 10.


W2 bumping Nines 5. Unfortunately they had the poor sense to do this under the motorway bridge where the light is poor.

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