Coal Cares?

If you haven’t already, go look at Then read on.

Yes, its a fake (grist via greenfyre). I feel for it, in the sense that I took one look at the sight, thought “f*ck*ng hell that’s ridiculous” and looked no more. But, yes, I’m certainly capable of believing that the coal industry would do this kind of thing.

16 thoughts on “Coal Cares?”

  1. I loved the “Asthma Maze” – I’ll be printing that one out.

    Not sure the site deserves your empathy though.


  2. Haha, lovely satire.
    I like the part about solar energy,

    “The problem with this is, obviously, a complete absence of quality control. If everyone can collect and distribute energy, there is no guarantee of that energy’s quality. Would you trust your neighbor’s four-year-old child to operate on your kidney—or even on a potentially malignant skin mole? Surely not.”


  3. The genius of the spoof is that it’s totally believable that Peabody or similar would make Coal Cares. It’s a wonder the domain was free. The only real giveaway is the focus on asthma.


  4. Are you sure it’s fake? Coal is a wonderful filter (I put whiskey (whisky if you’re Scottish) through it every night).

    I thought it was legit, with awesome subliminal second slide energy sector plug. Bravo! Maybe a senior research project in advertising?


  5. It took me a while: “Can this be for real?!?” “Hmmm, looks like it.” “No, wait…”

    But then it’s been a long day.


  6. I came back to ask if it was a fake. But I didn’t come back empty handed…

    “At least one thing is clear: although sheer numbers of deaths associated with coal may be larger, the varieties of death due to solar and wind could well go through the roof.”



  7. Love this from their twitter feed:

    “HOLDING LUMPS OF COAL WON’T KILL A CHILD. Whereas holding a piece of the sun surely would.”


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