The stoat in winter

wiliiam-from-miriams-galaxy-s2-2011-12-18 17.57.43 I don’t think I’ve troubled you with a picture of me for a while, so here is one I particularly like, taken with Miriam’s Galaxy S2 (rush out and buy one now, its got our GPS in it, which is apparently far better than the competition).

If you look closely at my right thigh (and who would not wish to do so?) you’ll see the graze I got on today’s run at the point where I fell over an electric fence that I hadn’t noticed was there. Fortunately the ‘lectric itself was off. That was in the middle of the mad wiggly bit where I got totally lost trying to find my way back to the Thames, having got myself onto the wrong bank.

although I’m wearing a beer festival tee-shirt, I’m drinking port. Port by the fire of a winter’s afternoon is very pleasant.

The camera isn’t quite perfect – lens distortion has done something a bit weird to my head.

6 thoughts on “The stoat in winter”

  1. At least your injury can be described as a ‘war story’ of sorts. I just slipped over on the ice outside my garage whilst topping up the firewood, where’s the yarn in that?


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