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Scott Mandia accuses Chronicle of Higher Ed to Its Bloggers: Feel Free to Disparage Climate Science but not Black Studies. This is in reference to Mann suing the National Review for libel (see, e.g. DA or BA). The Chron piece seems piss-poor, as does their lying evasion about no-editorial-control, but then again I don’t know who they are: perhaps they have no reputation to lose?

In a much lighter vein is the pic. I’ve seen others elsewhere; its a fashion; perhaps because you can get code to draw out the lines for you. But its still fun.

Can you guess what it is? Lovely, no. Click to find out:

Weirder, John is worrying about the singularity. Can you help him? Then add your comments.

Arguably even weirder, John Fleck is starting a competition for the worst-looking old photo of a blogger. My entry is… well, I have any number of appalling pictures of me, but this will do.

Greenland is looking very melty this year, which isn’t good. So how’s the sea ice? Not great, but not record-breakingly bad at least yet.


And lastly, now that summer has finally arrived, the poppies are out.



* Archive of the Chronjob.
* Archive of the NR post. CJR notes that the CEI post on which it was based has now been redacted somewhat; this is a webcite from the 21st, which isn’t early enough.

6 thoughts on “Misc misc”

  1. I would have sworn that photo was a close-up of some sort of mucus membrane, with hair or cilia or something. Ick.


  2. afeman, how rude can you get. The image is clearly that of a studious young aspirant scientist … Oh, you mean the other image!


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