Man slumped after hitting wall

Eli offers us a new wheelchair but I think its a man slumped to the ground after smashing his head against the wall, leaving a trail of blood dribbling down.


* The two epochs of Marcott by Jos Hagelaars.
* WUWT is still fulminating (I throw that in as a token gesture of non-tribality, but you know my heart isn’t in it).
* Global Temperature Change — the Big Picture

18 thoughts on “Man slumped after hitting wall”

  1. In other news, the Stoat Index* reverses itself. Advice: buy and hold; panic selling is not indicated as the Stoat Index flips quasi-periodically.

    *Position of this blog versus Mustela erminea in Google search result on “stoat.”

    [I used to be happy to be #4 -W]


  2. NZ Willy, I don’t think there is an doubt going by your contribution, but could you please clarify whether the second part of your name is a descriptor or not?


  3. @#5 Anthropocene…

    The Internal Commission on Stratigraphy at Neven’s Blog is currently working on this. “Nocene” is proposed as following Anthropocene and the period embracing both is proposed “Dumbassic”.


  4. “Eli. if it’s a wheelchair , where’s the frog ?”

    Candidate for one of the more obscure comic drawing references in recent history.


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