One thought on “Volvo Desert”

  1. Whee. I hadn’t been to the curry-pit in a while. Found this gem: “…I am not convinced that we should even have confidence in the sign of the SCC in light of the SPPI and WSJ analyses. And the White House is presenting values of SCC with two significant figures? Uncertain T. Monster is not pleased. There has been no attempt to propagate uncertainty through the FUND, DICE and PAGE models…”

    While I am certainly not going to stand up and say that we can estimate a precise value of SCC with high certainty… using SPPI and WSJ as your source for “alternate” analysis seems… amazingly dumb? That, plus Curry’s assertion that uncertainty in the underlying models was not investigated, when in fact it was. If she had at _least_ said, “to the best of my knowledge, uncertainty was not…” that would have been something. But no, Curry doesn’t do caveats. She just lambasts other people for not including caveats. Even when they do…


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