Handbrake turn

I should write up day 2 before day 3, else I’ll be coloured. There’s a riggercam video, again, but it will look pretty similar to yesterday unless you care, so instead here’s some footage from Grassy. This has the benefit of showing the handbrake – I’ll come to that.

So, we’re now at 8, which means we get to go to Top Finish if we don’t bump out. Behind us we expect Press to demolish Champs, and indeed that happens, at about First Post (which is earlier than we got them, oh err). At this point we have one whistle on Tabs 2 which is spiffy, and it continues as such down to the entrance to Grassy, where the video kicks in. Unaccountably the ever-reliable Mr Tidy stuffs up his line totally and is reducing to sticking his hand in the water in order to steer us round. He was pretty angry with himself for doing that I can tell you, so much so that we didn’t even take the piss out of him. After that we’re suddenly two lengths down on Tabs and its over. Seeing it happen from the strokes seat was weird – I wondered what on Earth was going on.

Coming down the Reach it was somewhat alarming to see St Neots steaming on down hoping for the overbump. It was never really in prospect, but they’re clearly much faster than last year. For fans of Real Rowing, Robs bumped to head yesterday, so Tabs are clearly having a bad year.


* CN: Rob Roy and City prove tough to catch on day two of the Town Bumps
* Club blog

One thought on “Handbrake turn”

  1. Well look on the bright side, you won’t have to row so far for the rest of the week, if I’ve interpreted that correctly…


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