Death of the pause

2014-11-29 14.51.30 Never mind yer twitterings or blogospherics or facey bookers, when people come in future years to look back and ask “when did people stop wittering about the pause” they’ll see

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as the Key Moment, when

The current slowdown period began in about 1998…


It has been hypothesized that such a period began in about 1998…

No, I’ve no idea who Yakushima is.


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* Hmmm, entering a cooling phase? – ATTP.
* No! Ah! Part II. The return of the uncertainty monster – VV
* The perversity of deniers – and the “pause” that never was with Tom Peterson – see also the comments.
* JA

The Graun and Shell

Once again the fearless Graun is out to name-n-shame Shell. Or something. I only noticed because of Dave Hone’s post. The Graun whinges:

But the most damaging email is dated 8 May 2014… <stuff I don’t much care about> And it ends: “Regarding the gallery update, can I check whether you have touched base with David Hone to see if he would like to participate in the content refresh?

Oddly, though, the Graun doesn’t have any spare space to discuss what updates DH was suggesting. Fortunately, DH has some spare electrons:

As background, three papers that have come from Oxford University:

Warming caused by cumulative carbon emissions towards the trillionth tonne
Myles R. Allen, David J. Frame, Chris Huntingford, Chris D. Jones, Jason A. Lowe, Malte Meinshausen & Nicolai Meinshausen

Greenhouse-gas emission targets for limiting global warming to 2°C
Malte Meinshausen, Nicolai Meinshausen, William Hare, Sarah C. B. Raper, Katja Frieler, Reto Knutti, David J. Frame & Myles R. Allen

The case for mandatory sequestration
Myles R. Allen, David J. Frame and Charles F. Mason

Wow, that’s bad! Look at that evil corporate stuff he’s pushing… oh, wait… Now I can see why the Graun didn’t want to publish what he’d asked for. But wait, there’s more:

2. Consider using (or adapting) a trillion tonne video made by Shell where Myles Allen talks about CCS in the context of the cumulative emissions issue:

3. Consider putting the Oxford University fossil carbon emissions counter in the Atmosphere Gallery as this would help people understand the vast scale of the current energy system and the rate at which we are collectively approaching the 2°C threshold;

4. Reference the Trillion Tonne Communique from Cambridge:

5. Offer the use of the Shell “CCS Lift” (an audio-visual CCS experience) to help explain this technology to the gallery visitors.

The CCS stuff (which is what his post is really about) is iffy, but the rest seems fairly sane.

Elsewhere: more fakery

Denialist fake-of-this-week (last week’s) is Faking Before and After Pictures of Wind Turbines at TricksZone, as noticed by David Appell.