Brian said I’d guess 100 or so draft posts sitting around, forlornly. I have precisely 89 draft posts, and I thought it might be fun to look back at them.

* 2016/01/30: On getting out more, part 2 (you know who you are)
* 2016/01/25: A leading climate sceptic businessman has protested that he was misinformed
* 2016/01/17: Songs (inspired by the Torygraph’s list of 100 best albums, but I realised it was of no interest to anyone else)
* 2016/01/02: Temporal finitism
* 2015/12/11: Yet another post about economics or ethics or something
* 2015/08/11: Greek bond yields
* 2015/08/11: The Bishops Speak: A Letter from the House of Bishops to the People and Parishes of the Church of England for the General Election 2015
* 2015/02/04: Make no mistake about it, there is no longer any rationale for division between science and faith?
* 2014/10/29: Independent Scotland
* 2014/09/14: Da Hyacinth (was to be about the hiatus, but that’s now dead)
* 2014/08/25: Adventures in (more tedious denialist blogs stuff)
* 2014/04/21: Old things (https://www.flickr.com/photos/belette/13936910756)
* 2013/12/31: The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there (St Edmund of Abingdon and miracles)
* 2013/12/30: The fatal lure of crap analogies (more The Magnificent Disinformation Engine and related)
* 2013/11/08: Ivatepray (tedious M$ campaign against gmail)
* 2013/11/05: Lizardmen are not taking over the earth (nicked from VTG)
* 2013/10/10: Misrepresenting the IPCC
* 2013/09/17: On free markets
* 2013/08/09: A l’ombre des vieux plantes en fleurs
* 2013/08/06: Kivalina: stupid journos (part n)
* 2013/07/24: Nigel Calder is sad (the usual tedious denilist whining about wikipedia. Happily, NC is no longer sad. Less happily, that’s because he is now dead)

That’s skipping over those with no title, and stopping when I got bored.

8 thoughts on “Drafts”

  1. Well, I’d be interested in the “Songs” one.

    That “old thing” looks vaguely like a primitive encryption device (a la Enigma).


  2. I’d second a ‘Songs’ post. I’ve been working on two playlists for a few weeks now. One is a short compilation (CD length) of ‘lost’ or neglected songs people haven’t, but should have heard.

    The second list is similar; an unknown, but ‘should have been’ hit song for each year since 1965.


  3. Very kind of you to reference my long forgotten lizardmen and cheese.

    Depressingly, three years on Curry is still providing a platform for deluded deniers with no critical thinking or writing skills (one “kip hansen” this time), and “Scottish Sceptic” still runs an utterly barmy conspiracy blog. Rien change, plus c’est la même chose.


  4. VTG:

    Curry is still providing a platform for deluded deniers with no critical thinking or writing skills (one “kip hansen” this time)

    No kidding. kip hansen was one of the reasons I gave up on DotEarth. Life is too short for such vexations of spirit.


  5. My draft posts have about 2 weeks to escape the veil of ignorance or be forever stuck there. And maybe for good reason.

    I’ll third the requests for more lizardmen posts. Need to keep up on the lizardmen conspiracy.


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