Yet another bunch of nutters

Except, of course, it is actually the same recycled nutters under yet another name. Thanks to BB for the link, but the original source is the Smoggies. Not to be confused with the Moggies. The new name is “Independent Committee on Geoethics”; not to be confused with the apparently respectable but to me unknowe International Association for Promoting Geoethics.

Wittily, their flyer for their events could have been faked up by Russel Seitz but appears to be genuine:

Their laughable membership includes Charles Darwin – yes, the Darwin – which brings Robert Carter to mind, in an odd sort of way.

Update: images

Here’s one of their folk in action:

And here are some of the others:


Brian said I’d guess 100 or so draft posts sitting around, forlornly. I have precisely 89 draft posts, and I thought it might be fun to look back at them.

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That’s skipping over those with no title, and stopping when I got bored.

Stupid journal boilerplate

DSC_0423-boilers On of the things I used to hate when I was in the game was the stupid boilerplate you were supposed to pad articles with. Since I also discover that RR has 3k posts and I only have 1k733 I thought I’d try to close the gap by a short whinge. Here’s an example from Fifteen years of ocean observations with the global Argo array, Riser et al., Nature Climate Change 6, 145–153 (2016) doi:10.1038/nclimate2872

More than 90% of the heat energy accumulation in the climate system between 1971 and the present has been in the ocean. Thus, the ocean plays a crucial role in determining the climate of the planet. Observing the oceans is problematic even under the most favourable of conditions. Historically, shipboard ocean sampling has left vast expanses, particularly in the Southern Ocean, unobserved for long periods of time. Within the past 15 years, with the advent of the global Argo array of profiling floats, it has become possible to sample the upper 2,000 m of the ocean globally and uniformly in space and time…

Thus, the ocean plays a crucial role in determining the climate of the planet… We already know that, ditto quite a bit of the rest. You don’t need to tell us again. Anyone too ignorant to know that will get nothing out of this paper; it is just a pile of wasted electrons. And this is in Nature, which nominally likes short pithy stuff.