Stupidity from Melanie Phillips this time…

An astute (?) reader points me towards Even greener than he thinks by Melanie Phillips. Apart from starting off with a few good points (why is it “green” to fly by private jet to the Arctic for a photo-op) we are down to the usual tedium (the Hockey stick *isn’t* fatally flawed; GW isn’t based on it anyway (and in a feat of self-contradiction she declares in the next sentence that its also all based on computer modelling, which isn’t true either); the world wasn’t 2 oC warmer in the MWP; feedbacks are as likely +ve as -ve… and so on.

Errr, which is why I didn;t bother to write a post about it :-)))

More junk from Milloy

Sigh. I really shouldn’t fall for this stuff. But its so desperate, its worth pointing out. Ref is,2933,192544,00.html (I’ll avoid linking it in the hope you don’t upgrade their hit count). Milloy sez he is debunking two key myths of climate alarmism, including that the Earth’s atmosphere acts like a greenhouse and that reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emission will avert significant temperature change.
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