Boston Marathon

DSC_5747-all-of-us_crop The rowing one, that is. It was just like last year except wetter, and we were better, but our cox was less lovely.

Oh, and as promised, this is the last of the random rowing-n-running types posts here. You need to go to the other blog for that from now on, except for important stuff like the bumps, of course.

Pic: all of us: L to R: Jo (3), Mel (7), Anne (6), William (4), Joss (4), Freya (Stroke), Amy (Bow), Me (5), James (Cox). Spot the survivors from last year. You can also read Amy’s take on it all. The results are now up: 4:43:04 for us (I made it 4:42, but I started my watch a fraction late).
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