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I’m going to intermittently keep track of the comments I make on other blogs. I’ll spare you the totally trivial ones, but I don’t guarantee this to be especially interesting. One point of doing this will be to track the ones that “disappear” on various sites (no names for now) that I’ve found don’t post anything that might frighten the horses.

Image0047-the-scull-joy I move this up to the top every now and again by fudging the date.

Since this is at the top, I can use it for spam-of-the-week. This weeks spam is: the Boston Marathon.


Editor’s Apologetic Resignation Blows Gaping Hole in Over-Hyped Media Story – KK

> the view among many

Many? Just the usual wackos.

Which is to say: you should have left that piece of flame bait out. As
you say, “some… just don’t know when to leave well enough alone”.

[Note: KK joins the fray a bit late, having been on holiday, the wimp. Alas my fine comment has been censored [*] (not by him, but by whoever runs the site apparently) whilst the trolls are being given free rein. Not a promising start for the new place! OTOH Keith can use this to burnish his anti-AGW credentials in certain quarters if required, which have apparently been wearing a bit thin recently, since it is pretty hard for any sane person to stay -ahem- “balanced”.

[*] Actually, it turns out that it just didn’t get submitted properly, or something. Never mind -W]

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von S getting tired of the ranters?

Klimazwiebel is on my reader list, but I don’t usually bother with the comments. It looks a bit like the septics are disappointed with him. And he with them: And, damn it, give your names, when making strong statements. When you have an opinion, then you should have also a name. Still, there are some good comments over there (Mike Hulme was there, though he had little to say when I looked).