Yet more misc

Who says GW is bad? Climate change stops fighting between India and Bangladesh says Nurture. [Err, see comments. And also, JA nailed this -W]

David Appell wonders about “Livestock’s Long Shadow” – the odd thing is that I swear I’ve done this one before, and *I* didn’t really believe their numbers either. But it might have been on wikipedia… can anyone help me out?

And, briefly, some science: Unmanned planes take wing for science. Bit of a dobber-substitute, no? There is a downside: Flying instruments on the Global Hawk isn’t cheap or easy. NASA charges the same price — US$3,500 per hour — to use the Global Hawk as for various manned aircraft so maybe this is just PR by the gents with guns. [ps: BAS did some stuff too but on a much smaller scale.]

Om NOM NOM! Doughnuts: a guide for the perplexed: Tesco: astonishingly cheap and fairly cheerful. Sainsburys: a bit sugary-er, perhaps too “fat”. Waitrose: too far away. Co-op: OK but not memorable.

p4 resolved” – isn’t that useful. I never knew that. No more lost files. I must read the rest of the manual some time.

HORR: full report to follow, but here is an unflattering pic and here are the results. We’re 302.

Observation from Popper: a commitment to clarity in language is part of the obligation of rationalism. Gosh, which neatly ties into McLean et al.. How tidy. [Thanks to [JA].