Exciting times in Libya


(ht What’s Happening In Libya? Ctd.)

Exciting times indeed. And just for once, it looks like We could actually do something useful: establish a no-fly zone over Tripoli. But, we’ll prevaricate and do nothing until too late, so a few more Libyans will die. It will still be worth it for them, though.


* Egypt’s Mubarak resigns as leader!

Egypt’s Mubarak resigns as leader!

mubarak Some good news for a change. Well done chaps! Now, how about that dictatorship we’re propping up in Saudi Arabia?

I didn’t actually do anything useful in all this (other than copy-editing the wikipedia article, I’m sure that boosted their revolutionary fervour) but I was rooting for them.

Brian was more useful.

On a lighter note: don’t try this at home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEjiw1VcPGU


* Egypt’s Mubarak resigns as leader (BBC)