I'm famous

You knew that, obviously, or you wouldn’t be here. I have an entry on Conservapedia, you don’t get much more famous than that. Compare that with so-called climate “scientists” like James Annan – even his tippling great-uncle only gets a few lines (and no invective, how dull). I see that a while ago I mocked Conservapedia for being dumb but said that, whilst nearly fact free, it was “not really even very funny”. I’m pleased to see that they’ve corrected that: now Global warming is the liberal hoax[2][3] that… and so on. Conservapedia is so risible that no-one (not even the WUWT folks) would dream of using it for a reference. In the comparatively unimportant world of science I’m a has-been, of course, and (as I thought when I left but kept blogging) I find it harder to keep up with the real science. Fortunately lots of other people do and I can read them.

If you’re wondering where this is going: well, my world-spanning fame has taken a minor boost from WUWT having a go at me, though like so many his ability to spell my name is limited.

A few people there seemed to have a desire to talk, though I rather suspect they won’t step up to the plate. So! This post is for them to comment and ask questions, if they want to. To my regulars: please be kind to any that do come over; I will heavily moderate any comments that are too discouraging, though of course you’re welcome to post fact-filled rebuttals of anything they might say. To any WUWT folk who have come over: Welcome! Please feel free to ask your (preferably science based) questions. Though if you’re puzzled by how wiki works you can ask that too. Be aware that I have a comment policy which I’ve just recently updated.


* Who am I?. Lawrence Solomon’s “The opinionator” story containing the glorious quote “Next to Al Gore, William Connolley may be the world’s most influential person in the global warming debate”. The link seems to have expired now, but the wayback machine still has it.